Radltouren, Randonneur-Brevets & Ultra-Radmarathons
von Manfred Tinebor
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  • Natali Russia (Private)
    10 months ago
    Дорогой Манфред! С РОЖДЕСТВОМ!
     С наступающим Новым Годом!
    Поздравляю сердечно! Тебя!
    Пусть всё будет легко, то - что сложно,
    Пусть год Новый! Тебе даст скачок -
    Во всех планах, во всех начинаниях!
    И здоровья пускай будет впрок!
    Чудеса пусть таятся  -в желаниях!

    • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
      10 months ago
      Спасибо, дорогая Натали. 
      Здесь уже существовал Дед Мороз.  :-) 
  • Marbess Premium user Russia (Private)
    10 months ago
    Nicht Swarovski
    More than Swarovski!!!  Fantastic!!! That s your prize to see here some natural jewelery value!
    • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
      10 months ago
      Swarovski - About 15 years ago, my company Lenze got an order for very precise and extremely speed-stable drives for the grinding of crystals. 
      The drives must be very speed-stable because every smallest divergence on the polished crystal surface would become visible!  
      I developed a drive with high uniformity accuracy for the grinding wheels and precise feed drives for the linear movement of the grinding wheel. 
      It seems, I did make my work not very bad. Till today Swarovski buys the drives from Lenze.  :-) 
      • Marbess Premium user Russia (Private)
        10 months ago
        Hi Manfred! I hope you take out the invention with implementation into production? It costs a lot! I like those production! I got a very beautiul earrings for Olga for her wedding in Praga and for me that time! I am not a great expert in the field of jewelry.Jewellery Swarovski I really appreciate! But the fate of our invention (in ventilation)  is very sad. I ll tell later about that...I do not want to talk about bad news in the background of such beauty!!!
  • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
    11 months ago
    Den 104. Geburtstag auf einer Etappe der Tour de France gefeiert!
    Am 26. November 2016 wurde Robert Marchand 105 Jahre alt. Robert bleibt begeisterter Radler.  :-) 

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